“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – FDR

Because your taking time to read this, I imagine you are the type of person that is continually looking for better ways to love God, yourself, and others.  Because this is our shared desire, I want to tell you about the journey Holy Spirit has had me on.

Throughout my life I’ve had thousands of opportunities to be afraid. Not only for my own wellbeing, but for the safety of those around me. When it comes to my own physical safety, most people can see how reckless I can be and how comfortable I have become with danger. However, when it comes to the fear of failure, I am just as vulnerable as anybody.

Fear has continued to be a true struggle for me over the years and it has created enormous anxiety. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I’m really good at overcoming fear in public, but it continues to be a real struggle in my personal life. I used to make the excuse that I care so much about people that when I have an opportunity to speak to them, I don’t want to miss it, and that in turn is a noble reason for anxiety. I would say things like, “I would rather love people and feel this pain and pressure than become someone that no longer cares”. This mentality created two options; love people and suffer or quit caring. Both options stink.

That’s why I am so grateful to write this note and let you know of a third option that is producing greater and greater hope and peace within me, and in turn making me healthier for the people around me. Here it is: I can love better by seeing people as powerful and acknowledging the potential that God sees in them. By doing this I can have great compassion for people, and rather than taking on their burdens, I can help them see the strength that they possess.

We can help people access the resources that Jesus has given them. This paradigm makes it to where we are able to partner with Holy Spirit to help others be equipped and empowered. Join me as we proactively go to people with the gifts of Jesus and bring hope amid fear, panic, and chaos.  

Thanks for being so loyal to our Father,

Todd and Leslie