I know that everything our Loving Father encourages us to do or not do is for a good reason.  So consider this – What if this Thanksgiving holiday could begin a whole new life style that will, literally, enhance your relationships, mental health, physical health, ability to sleep and especially your Spiritual and emotional health?  

Thanksgiving is way more than a holiday.  It is a day we get to re-start our gratitude.  Psychology Today and Harvard Medicine have both done studies to prove the life altering benefits of simply being thankful.  We are headed into a new year and all of us have a tendency to want to make positive changes – so give yourself a boost and a jump start.  Get this, they even say that gratitude will increase your desire to exercise.  

Today, take the time to make a list with your family of what you are grateful.  Talk about it, sing about it, encourage others to do it.  Express it in art.  I don’t care, you can even make up a dance about it!  

Whatever you do, get yourself full of thanks!

Enter His gates with thanksgiving;
    go into His courts with praise.
    Give thanks to Him and praise His name. 
[Psalm 100:4]

No other way!  Love y’all…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Todd and Leslie