Honor is far more than showing respect.  It is an attribute of love that requires the greatest levels of humility, sacrifice and effort.  If we are to be men and women of honor, we must embrace the reality that Jesus chose to love those who hated him, and only do those things He saw His Father doing. 

I just returned home after a week and a half in a remote mountain town in Idaho to honor an elderly man that I love dearly.  This man has done so much throughout his many years to take care of those around him, and it was my turn to be able to come to his rescue.  Although it was an emergency that got us there, it was love and compassion that kept us. 

During our time there, the community learned I was in town and asked if I would do a last minute “Born Wild” presentation during their Vacation Bible School outreach.  I accepted their invitation, and in three days they pulled everything together and got the word out.  It became a beautiful, spontaneous event that drew a great turnout for this small community, and sparked revival in the hearts of many children, parents, and grandparents. 

This Born Wild event was extra special to me because it took place on my native land, and reached the kind of people that wouldn’t dare step inside a church building.  Even the horse was my kind of horse.  Full of fire and power, as he found the way to buck me off multiple times. 

But in the end, the horse was so softened and convinced of his purpose that a little girl was able to ride him, while I finished the Gospel illustration.  It was truly like Jesus showed up in the midst of the people that night, working miracles and demonstrating the truth of His love and desire for relationship with us.  The more the Spirit spoke, the more people leaned in to listen and the more people came to know The Father’s love. 

Thank you for sending me as a messenger of the Good News to a people I dearly love…