Covered in mud and blood, I stood in a certain state of holy shock inside the Wildcatter Arena, as I looked out at a group of 70 men that had made huge sacrifices to join us on sacred ground for the Born Wild Weekend at the Wildcatter Ranch in Graham, TX last weekend.  They came with high hopes of having an encounter with The Father that would cause a revival in their own hearts.  And we were not disappointed.

We urged each of them to let the first few sessions be focused on themselves and not on what others need.  I could tangibly feel the Holy Spirit’s overwhelming presence, and I fought back the tears maintaining composure as I worked with the horse to share the Father’s game changing pursuit of love for connection and relationship. 

When I looked at the men gathered from across the country, I was moved with compassion.  I did not just see sons, husbands and dads – but I saw a group of warriors that have had to harden their hearts for so long that they have lost their zeal for life.  I saw them from such a place of compassion that it was as though Jesus had allowed me to see what He sees in each of them.  I knew in that moment that this was just a beginning.  

The next three days I saw real men take giant, courageous leaps into a place of vulnerability.  For most of them this was the first time they felt like they could acknowledge and really be honest about what was going on inside them.  Jason Vallotton walked them through very practical ways to heal past hurts and how restored hope changes our trajectory in life.  Kris Vallotton brought so much anointed teaching that all of us are still trying to chew on the information.  We experienced an empowerment immediately, because of the revelation that was being released through The Word.   The power of Truth being declared through the Born Wild Weekend was simply indescribable – and we can’t wait for our next weekend retreat!  

We have been given the great privilege to lock arms with heaven and take claim to all that Jesus Won for us. And here we go again…

I’m off to Lexington, Kentucky for a Born Wild outreach event with Prison Fellowship. We are so excited about this new partnership that will give us access to prisons all throughout the United States. The greatest aspect of this for me personally is the discipleship network and follow up relationships already in place. 

After the prison outreach Friday night, I fly to Alabama to be a part of a community outreach with Rodney and Debby Mitchell and the Auburn Heights Church on Sunday. Can’t wait to give you the great news next week of all that we will see the Lord do this weekend.

I am so grateful for you continuing to make all this possible with your financial partnership, and for always having my back covered in prayer.

All for our Glorious King and His Kingdom,