The small things that matter the most.

After this weekend’s event for leaders of men ministries in Redding, CA area – I’m visualizing the generation of men who are warriors that fight with love and are moved by faith. I believe that we should question everything we believe about God that we cannot see in the life of Jesus.

Jesus invited each of us into this supernatural lifestyle that allows us to see ourselves through God‘s eyes and become empowered to do what He does. Yet, so many men are caught up in the exhausting cycle of trying to manage themselves, and they are missing out on the joy and the adventure of simply excepting what God says about them as truth and living out lives revealing that same truth to others.

While I worked with the horse, I could hear the Holy Spirit speaking about how our strength is revealed to those who seek to lead mostly through nonverbal communication. Literally, our greatest influence is in what we carry on the inside. If we are filled with fear and anxiety then that is what we will infect those around us with. If we have a heart filled with compassion and peace then we create confidence in those around us.

When our focus shifts from compliance to connection, it creates an atmosphere where those who seek to lead desire The Father’s leadership.

May we continue to lead from a whole heart.

All my love,