Worry is imagining a future without God’s goodness. Faith sees what is possible…

Worry requires imagination. If you think about it, worry is imagining what may go wrong. Because most of us as adults have been programmed to use our imagination to be responsible and do our best to forecast the future, all our imagination is being used on avoiding hardship or pain. The problem is, most of what we worry about never happens anyway and we missed the opportunity to use our imagination on creative and life-giving thoughts.

What if we became powerful enough to change worry into positive imagery of what is possible? What if all our imaginative energy was envisioning a world where the God of creation is being expressed through you and those around you. Imagine the potential of all the amazing ways we could use our faith, hope and love to infect a culture that is afraid. We can train our mind to cooperate with God’s desire for us to labor alongside Him to see a world transformed.

When you come along side us in this ministry you are joining your faith with ours that the Light and Truth we carry will transform the world and we will see Jesus get his full reward. To learn more about how you can join us in revealing the Father’s love by sharing the good news of Jesus through our Born Wild Events, please reach out to us at www.ridinghighministries.org/get-involved/contact-us.

Thank You for continuing to send us through your prayers and gifts!