I am not a wordsmith. In fact, your reading this only because I have a team of people who proof anything I write before it goes public. Otherwise, I sound like an idiot. But this word is a big deal, so I want to make it clear.

The word Gospel literally means “good news!” But, it has become more universal in that it can mean the good news or truth about anything – it is now even a genre of music. But when I say Gospel, I am referring to the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus. It’s not just about Bible stories or about how to get saved, but a discussion about another realm of existence that Jesus came to demonstrate and invite us into. A kingdom where The Father/Son/Holy Spirit rule as one God and we have been given the right to become one of His, as a citizen of The Kingdom.

When Jesus sent out his followers to preach, He told them to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. So, if you ever think that the Gospel is about getting out of hell and into heaven – you have only touched the surface. It’s not complicated, but is extremely profound in its depth and significance. It’s truly what we were born for and the only thing that makes life worth living.

You are invited to live a life of power. A Kingdom lifestyle. An adventure of a lifetime!