Gravity is an unexplainable mystery to me, but I know it’s real from lots of personal experience.

I used to be a pole vaulter and quickly learned that there were certain rules of physics that were controlling my life, no matter how hard I tried to make things happen.

See, when the pole bends, it is going to come out of that bend with a certain amount of force that is going to catapult your body in whatever direction it is pointed. Because I didn’t want to take the time to learn how to control the pole, I never gained control over where the pole was going to shoot me. Consequently, Although I could vault over 15 feet high, I could also vault 15-20 feet in any given direction – and miss the landing.

After three broken ribs near my spine, shattered elbow, and fractured pelvis, I decided pole vaulting sucks. I’m probably the only man in history to quiet track to do professional rodeo, because it was safer.

Anyway, here is my point, there are a lot of unseen forces controlling your life that I want to begin to discuss. Unless we learn how to control what we have power over, the invisible forces will have their way with you. Stay tuned…