I saw some things – as we wrapped up the 2018 Prison Tour – that I can’t even find the words to describe. Broken kids, most of which have been victims of the worst forms of abuse, and have every reason to hate and be fearful.

As I worked with the horse, I found myself in tears trying to communicate how sorry I am for what they have been through. I reminded them that not everything was their fault and shame is the very thing that The Father desires to destroy. “Jesus gave you the ability to rise up with a supernatural ability to forgive and be forgiven. To literally be released from your past.”

As this violent horse I worked with began to soften, I could see hope come alive in the entire group. They were so captivated by what was possible when you know you’re loved and safe. Their past was dark, their present condition is disappointing, but their future is limitless.

When given the invitation, nearly 90% of the population said yes, “I want to receive the forgiveness offered by Jesus and I want the Holy Spirit to fill me and have access to every area of my life.”

I believe Jesus is building an army of radical believers who will display to the world what real Love looks like. How fear and regret are chains that can be broken. How religion (form without power) is not what Jesus came to establish. Jesus came to reveal who the Father is and empower others to do the same.

We are the church and it’s an honor to be one of His.

Thank-you for sending us and praying over the 2018 Born Wild, Prison Tour!