When you know that what you’re going through wasn’t authored by Jesus, it doesn’t have the authority to move you.

We have been living in Redding, California over the last year, and the fire that has destroyed and placed many homes in danger – including the one we live in – is just another great opportunity to celebrate the reality that the stuff we own is not what we treasure. When everything is burning around us, we can see what has our heart.

Although we still have no way of knowing if we lost our home, peace has consumed us.
We have all evacuated, and are currently camping out on our friend’s front yard – so we thank God for a motorhome with a generator! There is so much need in our community, as the town itself is without resource. One of the greatest concerns is that water and electric sources get lost. Thousands are displaced, so please continue to pray, pray, pray!

Thank you for all your love and support for our family, friends and community here in Redding!