I Hate Fear…

Fear causes hesitation. Fear limits our potential. Fear could possibly even become paralyzing .

While in Nebraska, I had a horse that was willing to trust me to be near him, and even gave me access to the most vulnerable areas of himself. However, he wouldn’t move. It was as though his faith in me was comforting, but didn’t create the confidence to to take risk. It was the type of fear that I frequently here expressed like this, “I trust God, but…”

In the book of James, we get reminded that faith without action is useless. We were created to be so loved by The Father that all our courage and confidence comes from the knowledge of His goodness. When we know that we are His beloved, confidence to do the impossible must grow. Jesus said that His perfect love casts out all fear. That’s a huge statement when you really consider the things that bring you fear or anxiety.

There is no need or place for shame, just ask Holy Spirit to continue to help you see how His perfect love for you makes your fear go away. Hope comes alive in the heart of one who lives in the reality of Gods goodness.

Thank you for continuing to pray and send us! God is moving powerfully through the recent Born Wild presentations in Nebraska and Washington – and I can’t wait to see what He does this weekend in Michigan!