In our culture – where there isn’t a lot of talk about honor – on this special weekend, I want us to take a moment and recognize those who gave everything, so my family and yours can be free. Not only do I want to recognize those who have laid down their life, I want to recognize those who reflect this thing that we call honor. Check this out…

Some may believe that submitting yourself to someone is all about sacrifice. I believe it is the way to real promotion.

Many years ago, I met Rodney Mitchell and he showed me this truth in a way that is so rare and powerful. He and his wife Debbie had a heart for the PBR and wanted to come along side Leslie and me and help care for our PBR community.

Although he was smarter, more experienced, wiser and in most ways a better man than me – Rodney chose to honor me as the one that God had put in a place of authority in our sport. He not only honored me, but always encouraged where God was leading and what The Father was doing through the ministry.

Rodney and Debbie have faithfully served all these years, giving their strength and wisdom to us and thousands of others. Everyone wins when we submit ourselves to each other. When we celebrate each others strengths, everyone around us profits.

So this weekend – it is my honor to travel to Alabama and serve Rodney and the Auburn Heights Church, where he is Lead Pastor.

Because of our history honoring one another, there is absolute unity that makes it where we are one. But – it is our prayer that everyone who we get to reach this weekend with The Gospel, will not see Todd and Rodney, but love being displayed with power in the name of Jesus.

Willing to learn…no one can stop you. When not willing to learn no one can help you!

This weekend let’s learn from and honor those who have demonstrated the greatest love, by laying down their life for us!