Have you seen enough of God’s goodness to still move when you can’t see where your going?

When I was in college I was a horse Jockey. My job throughout the week was to exercise and train the animal athletes. I was just leaving the track one day when a gentleman, whom I didn’t know, asked if I would work his horse so the track officials could clear him to race. I probably should have asked a few questions about why this particular horse was disqualified in the first place, but he offered me $20 bucks so I thought what the heck. All I had to do was take one warm up lap and then breeze (sprint) him around the corner and on to the finish line. The first lap was perfect as we gently galloped around the track. As we entered the last lap, I began to let him move out a bit more, and just as we entered the last corner I smooched at him and let him go. This colt took off like a rocket and was doing everything perfect. We got about half way around the corner and he quit turning. It didn’t matter how hard I pulled on the left reign this dude wasn’t going to turn. At this speed, I immediately knew I was in trouble. I knew he was running blind and we were going to run through the fence. All I could do is release all the pressure on the reigns and hope that he would see where we were headed and somehow understand how urgent the situation was.

Nope! He kept on full steam ahead and we ran right through a solid plank fence. After we rolled through the dirt on the other side and landed in a heap of dust, I looked at this silly horse and he looked at me. We were both just laying there on the ground looking at each other and it seemed as though we were asking the same question, “What the H#%&!”

We both jumped to our feet and in complete amazement found that we were still alive and relatively unhurt. I began leading the horse back toward the awaiting officials and owner who were panicked. I think they were more amazed that we were both still alive. Once they realized we didn’t die, the accusations began. As I listened I learned that the horse had been banned from racing because he was blind in his left eye. The poor guy couldn’t see around the corner, so whenever he was running full speed he couldn’t trust that I would steer him safely around the corner, so he ran where he could see.

I think I know how he must have felt. Whenever things are nice and controlled (Bills are paid, relationships are peaceful, everyone is healthy, the plan is working) its easy to trust Jesus. Its when everything seems to be coming all at once and I feel completely out of control that I struggle with trust.

However, these are the times that it’s most critical that I quiet my heart and listen close to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to me. Romans 8 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible that I read to encourage myself in the reality that I am powerful as one of God’s sons, and as I stay connected to his heart I can run my race. Even if I can’t see where I’m going.

Having a child like trust in our Father’s goodness is crucial to successfully living a life filled with hope. Hope coming alive in the human heart is our destiny.

Stay connected…