Not sure what to do when you’re overwhelmed?

In this season, we pray that you would be so overwhelmed by the reality of God’s goodness that you join the angels in amazement and fall to your knees and cry out WORTHY!  Revelation 7 tells us that even the angels respond to the wisdom, power, kindness and joy of the Lord with awe and wonder.  He is an everlasting, infinite Father that we will spend all eternity enjoying.

Do you know…that you have the fullness of God within you!  It is our prayer that you will discover a place where your childlike wonder would be awakened, and find yourself overwhelmed with the joy that comes with this mystery.

As you reflect on all that 2017 has brought, we encourage you to look beyond the struggles and meditate on the faithfulness of our Father and all that has been revealed to you.   Set yourself up to make the most of 2018 by finishing this year with a heart of thankfulness.

Don’t miss out on one more day of joining all of creation that is declaring the goodness and greatness of our God and Master, Our Father.

With all our hearts,

Todd and Leslie

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