It’s almost Christmas…

And we have been given the Treasure of Heaven, so now we can be free to give and receive Love. Our Father has given all He has to us so we can love recklessly.

However…you can give without loving, but it’s impossible to love without giving!

And since we are all in the giving mode right now let’s consider:

The greatest joy I get as a Father is observing my sons give genuine love to each other.  Just because giving is taking place, it’s not always the product of love.

-There have been many times that I have given words of encouragement or gifts to people so that I can get something from them.  It was a demonstration of how my giving was not real love, it was self-serving.

-There have been other times when I see a need and choose to meet that need.  This would be another form of giving that doesn’t necessarily require genuine love.  It was usually an act of obligation.

-Then there have been the times that I am so overcome with love that I can’t help but respond with generosity.  I give my compassion, I give my affirming and comforting words, I give my help, and I give my stuff.  Because I am overwhelmed by the Goodness of God.  I can’t help but making whatever I have available to Him.

I believe the greatest gift we can give God is to demonstrate our love to each other by giving.  Don’t just give the material gifts this Christmas, but give in a way that speaks uniquely to the heart of those who are receiving.

May The Father pour out his Love on you and your family this Christmas!