The amazing thing about a gift is that you get it without ever doing anything to deserve it – yet you get to use it as if it’s your own.  It’s kind of like having someone give you a car, and then people compliment you on how awesome it is and how much they enjoy riding around in it!

When I was 16 my dad gave me his old 58’ Chevy pickup.  It needed a lot of work, but the labor became a learning experience for me and a bonding experience for the two of us.  When it was finished, I became the kid with the coolest truck in school.  People loved to ride around with me and constantly complimented me for having such a cool truck.  Even though I told them it was a gift from my dad, they still treated me like I earned it.

Jesus has given us many gifts.  Some we can use to serve others, but most are just so we can know the greatness of His love for us and to find enjoyment in them.  These letters from our recent Born Wild Events and Prison Tour in September show how the gifts to serve are empowered by the gifts that were given to me for my own pleasure.

You are receiving this note because you are one of the gifts that I believe I was given to enjoy, yet you have helped mobilize the gifts I was given in order to serve others. It’s the beauty of this eternal Kingdom that we are residents of, and I want you to hear the words from these people so you can share in the joy it brings me to know how the Lord has invaded other people’s lives through our combined efforts.

This is the greatest privilege we get in this life.  To know the love of God and express it to others.

Thank You for continuing to partner with us, and send the Hope of Jesus behind bars and in communities through your gifts and prayers!