Our lives as believers are designed to be filled with HOPE.  Anytime you feel a loss of hope, you have in some way believed a lie.  Ask The Holy Spirit to show you the lie and “Kill it!”

My youngest son (8 at the time) and I were fishing on the Blackfoot river near our home in Idaho.  After we tied our horses up, Holden ran up the trail to get to his favorite fishing hole.  I grabbed my fishing rod and hurried to catch up, and just as I got to him we heard the rattle…

We both stopped dead in our tracks, but the rattle snake had already been disturbed and struck at Holden’s leg!  He screamed and jumped back, and immediately I pulled his pant leg up to discover the snake had bit the upper of his cowboy boot.  We chuckled and said, “That was close!” and went on down the trail to enjoy some fishing.

On the way back, that silly snake was in the same spot.  As he slithered away, I grabbed him by the tail and tried to wack its head on a rock.  I was unsuccessful and nearly got bit myself so I let it go.  That night we slept in the horse trailer and Holden had a nightmare.  He woke up and told me that the snake was chasing him and he felt like it was the Devil.  I asked him what he was going to do about it.  He said “I’m gonna kill him!”

So, we saddled up and rode back to the same spot.  Sure enough, the snake was still there.  Holden took his 4-10 shotgun and did the job.

Although this was a literal killing of the snake in our path, in some way we all have to take responsibility to kill the fear and hopelessness that is attacking you.  Guard yourself from feeding on negative news and meditate on your beloved status, as one who is a son/daughter of the King of all Kings and the lover of your heart!