A couple weeks ago, one of my sons – who doesn’t have much money – gave $100 to his younger brother to help fix his truck. It did more for my heart to see that act of generosity than hearing them say the words “I love you” a thousand times ever could.

Thankfulness leads to generosity, and acts of generosity lead to people seeing the heart of God.

Jesus lived a life of thankfulness towards the Father and it produced in him a compassion, causing him to give of himself consistently and courageously. His gratitude was expressed by loving what The Father loved. And His love was expressed by giving that which The Father gives. But, He didn’t just give recklessly – He gave in a way that people were drawn to the Living God who has the very nature of generosity.
Everything we see in the life of Jesus becomes the model for what our lives can look like, and generosity is a life-giving cycle that becomes a real life picture of The Father’s love.
In this season of Thanks-Giving, let’s shift the focus from Black Friday and Cyber Monday – to Giving Tuesday!
Today, I encourage you to practice thankfulness. Today, find a way to give into something that helps people see the heart and very nature of God himself.

Allow others to know the love of the Father by allowing your heart of gratitude to generate the desire to give!

Give Today