This past Sunday, a beautiful elderly couple approached me in Springfield, MO following our PBR Church Service.  Although she could barely walk and used a cane, they managed their way halfway around the arena and down a flight of steps to get to me.

They wanted to thank me for the church service and message I shared earlier that morning, and express what it meant to them. They also wanted to have me pray for them, as he has been given a death sentence of cancer.  As we talked and prayed together, I learned that they have been married for sixty-three years and have already beaten cancer once before.  I asked the man if he was scared.  He winked and then said,“ The preacher reminded me this morning that I’m going to live forever!”  he said, “I’m not afraid! I just don’t take days for granted anymore.”

I pray that each of us can live that way, while we still have our health.

Thank-You again for sending, praying and supporting us!  We love you…Todd