You may recognize Mordecai’s words to Queen Esther, and know of the urgency behind them!  Our people and culture too are in trouble, and every believer I know is concerned about the spiritual direction of our Nation.

Although I am aware of the issues, I find myself more aware of the reality that we are a part of a worldwide family of believers that are on this earth as an unstoppable force that hell itself cannot overcome…for just such a time as this!  We are capable of being the ones who are influencing the world with power and love and setting the course for others to follow.  Because I believe this with all my heart, I plead with each of you to really consider where the Lord has placed us and pray about your part in this ministry of Hope.

Serving the PBR for the last 16 years, we have been given exclusive access to share the Truth of God’s Heart with the athletes, staff, and fans.  However, up until now, the PBR has done their thing and we have done ours.  Due to recent events and tragedies – the PBR is now recognizing, to a higher level, the importance of what we do in support and is taking aggressive steps to grow our influence!

Because of new initiatives, the PBR is implementing over the coming months to better serve the athletes and their families, Riding High is being given a greater opportunity and more responsibility in the sport as a whole!  We are currently in the early stages of developing teams that will have a presence at all PBR sanctioned events.  I believe that what our Father is preparing us for is far greater than just the sport of bull riding.  The sport has positioned their men to influence millions, and Riding High has the privilege of helping prepare these men to use that influence to cause an awakening in our culture.

As we accept this honor and develop deeper relationships, we will need your help more than ever.  Please continue to stay connected and pray about how The Father is leading you to join this expanded privilege to be Light to our world.

Thanks for coming alongside and loving us!  Todd and Leslie