Many of you are aware of the tragic loss of PBR athlete Ty Pozzobon and the shock it has had on the whole PBR community.  There is no way to put in words how hard this has been on so many of us and the questions it has caused us to ask.  I want to share with you what hope I believe the Lord has given me through it all.

For 16 years we as a ministry have invested thousands of hours and millions of dollars into the PBR community for one purpose alone.  We have been there to be a safe place for people to receive unconditional love and to know that we only have this love to give, because it was first given to us through Jesus.  We have done our best to keep any “religious agenda” out of the way and simply be people that carry His presence.  Because of what Jesus has done through these investments, we have seen dozens of the western world’s most influential athletes use their positions to demonstrate the love of God to their millions of onlookers.  I have been so proud to see the ways these men have brought so much honor to our Father through their lifestyles.  On the other hand, I have had a front row seat to watch the devastation that happens in so many of these young men’s lives because they are not prepared to handle all the challenges that come with their success.  It has been a tremendous burden I have carried and I am so grateful for all of you that pray and give of yourselves so I know I’m not in this alone.  Now I can see an alignment between God’s heart for people and the leaders in the cowboy culture.   Everyone agrees that our men need more help.  Now, I’m asking you to dig in deeper with us as we are on a threshold of a ten-fold increase in what we will be able to do for these men.  Pray specifically for the PBR and the leadership of Riding High.  Pray for wisdom to make decisions that will best represent our Father’s heart for people.  Pray about how much to give and then go for it!