For the last 16 years, I have watched the Holy Spirit work in and through me as I have gone around the world seizing opportunities to bless and love people. It has provided me with countless opportunities to personally witness the power of God transforming the lives around me. I have seen how He has taken me from one great place of connection with Him to even deeper places. It’s a miracle to me that I have more of a heart to love and impact people than ever before. It seems like it is something that should wear out, but it’s is just growing deeper. Each of you has played a part in supporting and encouraging me, and I can’t find the right words to show my gratitude for being so faithful. Let’s continue!

I just returned from the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas, and once again our Father amazed me at how the light in His people shines that much brighter in places that are dark. Darkness doesn’t have any power over light, and that is why I love to go to dark places with no other agenda than to be a son of God that possesses the Love of God and the knowledge that nothing can stop it. It is the very power of God working in me that gives me these desires. When you can feel God’s joy over you, you’re unstoppable. I pray each of you can take hold of this Truth for yourself.

We are so excited for what’s ahead for RHM and the Pierce family. We continue to have amazing opportunities to go to the poor in spirit, and we need your help more than ever.

We as a family will leave Wednesday to speak at Ontario Oregon State Prison. Thursday morning we will drive to Pendleton, OR where I will be given the opportunity to speak to the entire prison population through a video live stream. Friday we will drive to Richland, WA to connect with Tanner and Holden’s new sponsor, JMC Motor Sports, to get a new motorcycle. The following week we will Join Rock church in Northern Washington to take part in what the Lord is doing through this dynamic church family. We will give updates along the way.