Not only is God himself indescribable, but so is the way He works. He said in His word that when people are convinced of how good He really is, it causes them to change the way they think. What Leslie and I witnessed through this past 4 days is nothing less than miraculous.

We started our weekend with the PBR in Charlotte, North Carolina where we connected with our PBR family, held PBR church, hosted “Believe in Tomorrow” families and introduced special guests to what the Lord is doing through the PBR. Sometimes I lose appreciation for the ways that we have been given such extravagant opportunities and this past weekend I was able to regain a healthy perspective on how the Lord is using the cowboy culture to help inspire a nation. Although there are a lot of issues that the PBR people need to work on, they have got so much to be applauded for. When an organization decides to show love and honor to its fans, entertainment becomes the side-note. So many of my interactions are with people who remind me that they love PBR because of the way the men show such loyalty and appreciation for their fans. In a world filled with negativity, it is refreshing for most to be able to come to a place where God is honored openly and men show real love and respect for the people that support them. We were created to be recipients of the love of God and display that same love to others.

Sunday we did a “Born Wild, Created to Be Free” event at Stanley Holy Pentecostal Church in Stanley, NC. This amazing church is all about Jesus and His Kingdom. I had my own prejudices before showing up at the church that was hosting this event, but within minutes of my arrival, I could tell that something special was happening in this place. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew it was unique. After I spoke at an early morning men’s breakfast, the senior pastor began to share with me what the Lord had been doing in their area. He described how all the churches in their area were committed to each other and working hand in hand to love on their community. I know this should be the norm, but unfortunately, I rarely see it. This church was leading the charge in making a point to build up other church’s leaders and encourage unity. As a result of their years of laboring in love and honor, I got to be there as the Lord showed up with the power of His presence and amazed us all at how a simple illustration of a horse and a man can bring such clarity and hope to people.

Monday morning Leslie and I joined the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in their staff devotions. I am always amazed at how an organization can stay so focused for so long on a single mission and enjoy all the success they have and still stay in a place of overwhelming humility and hunger for better ways to love each other and those they serve. Following devotions, Leslie and I recorded a radio program together that will be aired at a later date.

This next week, Rodney and Debbie Mitchell will be at the Colorado Springs PBR and my family and I will travel to Eugene, OR to prepare for PBR and a “Born Wild, Created to Be Free” presentation. Thank you for your continued support!