Hello family! This past weekend I was given the privilege to speak at Calvary Chapel of Challis, Idaho, and the Tendoy, Idaho Cowboy Church! I am grateful for the way I see the Lord moving in these small communities and creating an atmosphere where common people can come and worship. The Cowboy Church movement has successfully reached a culture that in past years, has been isolated from the joy of fellowship. Riding High Ministries, because of our position of influence in this culture, has Cowboy Churches all over the country inviting us to come and share what the Lord is doing among these PBR elite athletes. I am grateful for where our Father has placed us, to have such a vast audience, and we want to thank each one of you for the commitment to the work we are doing. It is becoming more obvious to me that the grace that is in our life, is having a far greater reach than we could have ever hoped or expected. Please continue to pray, and give as we walk this thing out.

Coming up June 21-June 27, myself, Colton, and the Brown Family Ministries, will join Prison Chaplain, Tom Armstrong and a team of volunteers, to do the “Born Wild, Created To Be Free” presentation nine times in seven prisons. This type of outreach puts us in extremely dark circumstances that need to be saturated in prayer. Ministry to these incarcerated people is unlike anything else that we do, in that, we are provided an opportunity to bring hope to some of the world’s most hopeless feeling people. We still have a long ways to go on funding this tour, so if you haven’t already done so, consider what contribution you can make. The world has considered these as people of no value, but Jesus sees them as ones that are worth laying His life down for, just as He did for you and me.