My trip to the Carolinas positioned me to be a part of several bull riders getting a revelation of Jesus, extreme conflict, hundreds of volunteers inspired, rebellious young men restored to their rightful place as sons, families reconciled, revivalists coming together for worldwide impact and one little girl getting to ride her favorite horse.

I have only been on the road for five days but it feels more like a month.  So much has happened that I struggle to even recall all that the Lord has done and I can only really talk about a bit of it.  All I can say is thank you for praying and giving so I can go.

I use to be the guy to get into a fist fight on nearly a monthly basis, if the fight didn’t come to me, I went after it. This past weekend I found myself in a peculiar position as a man did everything he could to get me to fight. I didn’t. Not only did I not get in a fight, it was easy for me not to react to his assaults. I was able to take the cruel words and strikes and had no desire to fight back. (I am not saying people should stay in abusive situations). The only reason this situation turned out to produce lots of good is that my heart had been prepared. I had spent so much time praying and investing in this individual that when this outburst occurred, I could only feel compassion. I don’t say this to commend myself but to present to you a possibility. What if the people that continue to offend you became the objects of your prayer life. It might not be someone that is trying to whoop ya, it might be a spouse that continues to offend you or a neighbor or co-worker.  The point is that Jesus was un-affendable. He was so filled with love for those that He was sent to that He couldn’t help Himself from loving them. If we could take this stance, how many relationships could be saved? I want to encourage you to spend some time right now or set a reminder on your phone to let this sink in. Life is about relationships and too many are destroyed because of offense.

  • Points of Contact/schedule:
  • Met former NFL player and discussed how we could work together to encourage Charlotte youth.
  • PBR event Friday/ reconnected with athletes and staff
  • RHM church service
  • Meeting with Chapman family about future partnerships
  • 2nd PBR event
  • Sunday night Billy Graham Library event
  • Monday morning taught at Billy Graham corporate headquarters
  • Monday afternoon met with BGEA staff and other revivalists to discuss how to see revival in our country
  • Monday afternoon spent with a radical preacher and close friend “Dammon Thompson”
  • Monday night – Wednesday met with a dear family that I love who is going through a hard time.