A perfect weekend included a trip to the emergency room.   It seems like a major part of the Pierce family life includes the assistance of the miracles of the medical community.  More on the ER later.

This past weekend in Pendelton I saw the miracle of what happens when churches unite and the promise of Gods blessing on unity manifests in a real way.  The event we went to in Pendleton was the kick off of the Historic Pendelton Round-up where the churches in Pendleton cancel their Sunday morning services and come to a central location to worship and reach out to their community.  This rodeo is not your normal community rodeo, it is the identity of this entire town.  It is what Pendelton is known for.  This year, it meant over 1000 people coming to the Pendelton park to watch the “Born Wild” presentation that I gave. It ended with an entire community of people standing to their feet in a declaration that they were committed to receiving the gift of Jesus in salvation and fulfilling the call that is on the life of every believer. It was a sight to behold as one community stood together before the Lord to say that our Father has full access to their lives and desires to see a revival in their community. All I can say is thank you for sending me and thank you for believing in what God can do through this ministry.

As for the emergency room, Tanner (14 yr old son)  came along on the trip.  Following the event, we traveled 80 miles north at the speed of light to give him the opportunity to ride on a really cool Motocross track.  Shortly after arriving, he had a horrendous wreck where he suffered a concussion and separated shoulder.  I picked up the pieces of Tanner and his gear and drove back to Pendelton.  The following morning, his elbow was twice the size it should have been, the whole side of his head was swollen, and his arm was immobile.    So off to the hospital we went to confirm the injuries.  After an 8 hr drive, we are now home. His body is sore and our hearts are full from a great weekend of serving people and doing wild and fun activities.

Today I am headed to the Carolinas for multiple events.  The Bible asked the question “How will they believe if they have not been told and how will they be told if no one is sent to tell them?”  
Since I am traveling clear across the country, I am going to make the most of it.  I am scheduled for the PBR Friday night followed by Saturday morning Church service at the Coliseum. On Sat night I will be at the PBR event, then Sunday night I have a speaking engagement at the Billy Graham Library Volunteer appreciation gathering. Monday morning I will be leading the Billy Graham staff Bible study and Monday and Tuesday I will be in South Carolina with Hope Chapel, Dammon Thompson, and David Amick.  We need your support and are very thankful for each of you doing your part.   Pray!