Holden stood out on his team because of his great swing. Unfortunately, although he had one of the best swings, he also had one of the worst batting averages. All Leslie and I could do is continue to let Him know that we love him and are proud of Him regardless of how he performed. He was comforted by our unconditional love but he was still sad because he wasn’t doing his part for his team. He knew his position as our son but he also had a desire to do something significant. His desire for greatness, coupled with his security in who he is, helped him finish the season as a good batter and more importantly an inspiration to his team. Here is my point! I understand that each of you are in different places in life but we can all use some fresh motivation.

Some of you need to relax and quit striving. Begin to enjoy the fact that regardless of what your able to do or not do, you loved and our Father is proud of you. Others of you are enjoying the grace and love of God but have forgotten that you were still created for good works. Get off the bench and do something. When you’re doing the good works you were created for, you will find out how fun life can be.

Your motivations are what is in question. Are you striving to do good to win God’s favor or eternal reward? Or, are you working and serving others because you have already received your reward and you are now moved by the love and compassion you already inherited?

Saved by grace through faith, Created for good works. Ephesians 2:8-10