Tension exists between acknowledging the injustices going on in the world and honoring the hope given to us as carriers of the light. Although everywhere we look the news we see horrible injustices, nations at war and evil groups taking over and killing peaceful people. We see babies slaughtered in the womb and Gods plan for the family being redefined by our legal system. Greed, violence, and lust are the themes of what fills most of our TVs, radios and computer screens.  If that is all you see, hope will be lost and the best you can do is wait for the return of Jesus and try to take care of your family.  But what if Jesus really meant it when He said that the Light of the world has come and now we are that light (Matthew 5:14).  When He taught us to pray, He gave us the invitation to know and address  God as Father and then said to pray that the “Kingdom would come and His will would be done on earth as its being done in heaven.”  These are powerful words that we can combine with our faith and go for it.  We as a body of unified believers poses everything we need to live lives like Jesus.  Lives that are holy, hopeful and powerful. (2 Peter 1:3)

I heard a story last week while in Colorado about a General in the Korean War who was approached by a lieutenant that fearfully proclaimed “We are surrounded by the enemy, there is no way out!” The Generals reply was “Good! then that makes your job easy, everywhere you shoot you will hit the enemy, go to war lieutenant!” Now, I don’t see us surrounded by no way out, but I do see us as people that live at one of the greatest times in human history. Jesus will return and things will be fully restored but until that time we are not left here as victims.

Proverbs says that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick”.  The most dangerous lies are those that contain truth but leave you with the wrong conclusion.  Yes, lots of bad is happening but you are powerful and if we are united we are unstoppable. I will continue to do my part and I invite you to do yours. Look at how you’re using your time and resources, pray, and make any necessary changes. I know of many great efforts being done that are in need of partners.

Riding High ministries will continue to Mentor the worlds most influential cowboys, do “Born Wild presentations in prisons, coliseums, reservations, churches and anywhere else we can. What we do is making a difference and I am honored to be a part of it but I also want you to check out these two videos that introduce a couple friends of mine that are taking a massive risk to reach some of the worlds most oppressed people:

Check out Victor Marx efforts in North Iraq:

Free Burma Rangers: