The Bible tells of a man named John the Baptist who Jesus said was the greatest man ever born of woman.  He was a man that went around telling everyone about the promised one, the son of God who was to come and take away the sin of the world. He told everyone that Jesus was the One and was a radical that was willing to live and die for the Messiah. After he was thrown in prison John began to lose courage and doubt, so he sent men to ask Jesus if he really is the one. I don’t know all that was going on in this mans heart but I can relate during the times when I find myself in a place where I begin to question and lose my courage.

For this last week, it has been my rare privilege to join my son Colton and the Brown Family Ministries to carry the message of courage, hope, and salvation to hundreds of men in prison.
Some of these men are already Christians and have lost their hope and others are dead men in need of life.  I believe that Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good, but dead people alive.  
Only Jesus can bring the dead to life but we can carry the message and encourage those who have lost their hope. The wardens and prison directors have unanimously spoken that these events were the most successful they had ever seen come through their facilities and were attended by 10 times the number of inmates that go to the regular religious services. Your prayers and your giving allowed us to provide 8 consecutive horse training events in 8 different locations all over Oregon which resulted in hundreds of people responding to the gospel. Be looking for the video that documents much of what you were a part of. We made it home safely, and now we are off to join the rest of our team in Crow heart Wyoming where Colton and I will do a “Born Wild” presentation. The team up there has been tirelessly working for the last week by serving the physical needs of these people. Wednesday night we will wrap it up with a huge feast and the Born Wild Created to Be Free presentation.