In the great western movie “Tombstone” there is a scene at the OK Corral where one of the bad guys, who happened to be a coward, hid himself during the battle. Occasionally he would try to take a cheap shot from the sidelines, but only until Wyatt Earp grabbed him and told him “Get in the fight or get out!”

The Bible often uses military terms to communicate Spiritual realities. In 1 Timothy 6, we are challenged to fight the good fight of faith. Although we all have our own battles to fight in our personal faith, we must also be aware of a global fight. This is a strange kind of war because although it is being fought in every home, every school, every place of business and in every nation, many don’t even know that the war exists. I see it like a poisonous gas that you can’t smell, see or taste but it is killing people everywhere. For us as believers, the ultimate war has already been won as Jesus defeated sin and death in us. What is left for us to do is to be the Light of the world, a city on a hill where others can come and find truth, peace, provision, and love. For me, I am so convinced of these realities that I am greaved to be in places like Vegas where Billions of dollars are spent to deceive people and they are like sheep being led to the slaughter. In contrast, I see bull riders and others right in the middle of the mess, taking a stand for truth and letting it be known who they are and that Jesus is the only one worthy of real praise. So I ask, what do you really believe about what your role as sons and daughters of God should look like? I know that we all have different gifts and callings, but we are all in this together. I believe there is one reason why our Father encouraged us to make a sacrifice of praise and an offering of worship to Him. He knows that to be like Him is to have love, joy, peace, patience, etc. and then we become like whatever we worship. Take some time and begin to speak words of thankfulness and worship toward our Father and present yourself to be a vessel of truth. This is one of the most powerful things we can do in the midst of the storms of life or in the times of great abundance.

Riding High has a very distinct part in this fight of faith and we have been given tons of opportunities to speak the truth in very dark places. We will do our part and I ask you to pray and see if this is a place for you to bail in and help out. We need tons of prayer, volunteers, and money to pull these things off. We believe that those of us who are “in the faith”, have freely been given and should freely give. This is why when we go to the prisons, reservations, and small communities, we need you all to pitch in and help us get the job done.