Jesus taught that all people are prisoners of sin unless they are born from above.  This is why we all needed to be rescued from the prison of sin.  In a more literal sense, there is a huge population of people who are in our federal and state prisons because of their sin and they can’t get out just by saying they are sorry.

Ever since I have been going into these prisons, I have gained a tremendous amount of compassion for men who are living in torment because they feel trapped by their past.  Most of these people are fatherless men who have hurt the people they love the most with their choices and now they are stuck in a place where they can’t do anything but live in regret of their past and wish they could make things right.  Nearly every one of the hundreds of inmates I have visited with expressed how their biggest desire is to help their loved ones who are on the outside.

I believe the opportunity I have this spring is the largest outreach we have ever been a part of. I will get to be in 6 prisons presenting the gospel to nearly 3,200 inmates and 2 communities to do a live demonstration of the “Born Wild” horse breaking.

Unlike other ministries that go into these prisons, I get nearly 100% of the population in attendance. Because I am with an unbroken horse right there in the middle of their yard time, they all want to watch.  Because of the dramatic imagery of a wild animal that is now in a cage where there is nowhere to hide, the horse is open to considering a new way.  When it is convinced that I love it and have a hope and a future for it, connection is made.  I have seen it thousands of times with these inmates as they get to hear and see the Gospel in a way that they understand and they respond to the freedom that Jesus offers.

Unlike many of the outreaches we do in partnership with churches, we need to raise the money to go to these men.  I have committed myself and my son Colton to spend this Fathers day week doing this prison tour and I want to invite you to partner with us financially. Will you prayerfully consider how much you are able to give to help bring the gospel to these men? Partner with us monthly or give a one-time donation for the Oregon Prison Tour. With RV repairs and travel expenses, we need about $5,000.