Are you happy? Are you still feeling thankful? Thanksgiving season is a great reminder of all that has been given to us by our forefathers who risked and gave it all so we could have one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. It’s a season of recognizing our freedom!

There is a true story of a man in a prison camp. He had been selected as one of ten men who would be shot because someone had attempted an escape. The prison guards wanted everyone to know that these attempts will cost the lives of ten others. This certain man had a
wife and family with whom he longed to reunite. He spoke of them often to a fellow prisoner. Just before he was shot, his fellow inmate ran up to the executioner and begged him to shoot him instead. He pleaded, “This man has so much to live for, please let me take
the punishment!” So it was. The man’s life was spared. His friend’s sacrifice eventually bought him freedom. When the war was over, this man was reunited with his family and went on to live a remarkable life. Whenever he was asked how he could go through so much and still have so much love and joy, he explained that his friend gave his life for him so how could he ever waist such a gift. He was living a life worthy of the price paid.

What about us?

We have all been given this same type of gift through Jesus. Sin held us with a death sentence. He made it possible for us to be free! Thank you, Jesus.

It has been a great year and our Heavenly Father has been so faithful. He has shown His great love to us. Our team would like to say thank YOU for your love, prayers and financial support. You have helped make it possible for us to go and share our Father’s love so that others can experience the same gift of freedom.

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