In the book of Acts, the New Testament church was filled with the Holy Spirit which was evident primarily by the way they loved each other.

I also love the examples in the Bible when those in community use their worldly possessions to love those around them. My heart is to do the same but I’ll admit I have struggled with how this looks in our modern society.

Over the years, I have seen glimpses of it as we’ve used personal resources to help others, and in turn, I’ve watched people using what they had to help other families.

However, this past month, the Pierce family’s life has been jam-packed with people coming out of the woodwork to show us Jesus’ love everywhere we go. The way people have rallied around us to meet needs has been a huge help. It has even gone way beyond our needs. We have had favor and gifts that have little to do with need and have been more about our wants. Our Father has lavished gifts upon us that have exceeded what we could hope or ask.

For me, as a Father and husband, I see my family sacrifice in many ways so the work of Riding High Ministries can go forth. It is so encouraging for me to watch them experience in real tangible ways God’s love through His family and community. Thank you to those of you who have reached out to bless and help my family. We pray you also know the abundance of His love.

Today we return from vacation and settle back in before the upcoming travel to a Montana Men’s retreat, Tulsa PBR, and Australia missions. God bless each of you.