So much has happened over the last couple weeks. I wanted to update ya’ll on how the Lord is using your resources and honoring your prayers through this ministry. We have had 20 events already this year, and all I can say is the world is hungry for the message of the Good News.

Colorado Springs, CO – This past weekend, we saw hundreds personally touched with the love of God through our Faith Night at PBR Colorado Springs. It was a beautiful sight to have the fans of the PBR experience the amazing truth of who our Father is. What they thought would just be good bull riding turned into a tabernacle filled with God’s glory.

It’s always special to see be part of the big events, but what the world doesn’t see is the deep, behind the scenes work that also takes place.

This Faith Night was only possible because many of the PBR staff and contract personnel were willing to work overtime so that people could be encouraged. Many of these people that sacrificed their time are not Christians. They just believe in what we do.

To me, this is evidence that our team is not pushing religion but building relationship and showing authentic love…love regardless of whether we have the same beliefs.

Jesus said that the light has come, the light is in us and all we have to do is shine. So shine on dear family.

Upcoming – This weekend, Leslie and I will be in Las Vegas for the last PBR event before the summer break. We will hold Church at the Mandalay Bay Saturday morning at 11:00.

The two of us go from there to California to take part in a 5-day intensive marriage workshop/conference. This puts the Pierce boys all week without mom and dad. Please join us in prayer for all of this.

With the PBR season coming to a close until the fall, at home we’ve kicked off the summer with some new chicks, bunnies and a kitten in our home. It’s been priceless to watch our youngest, Holden, fall in love with creation and our Creator.

Leslie and I also had the privilege of attending a week-long intensive conference and were blessed to return home feeling refreshed, renewed and with a sense of revival both at home and for this ministry.

What’s Next? June is a busy month with ministry in:
•4 prisons in both Idaho and Oregon
•an Indian Reservation in Wyoming
•2 “Born Wild Created to Be Free” horsebreaking events in both North Carolina and Oregon.

Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for sending us! We love you and pray for a restful for summer for each of you and your families. Hope to see some of you on the road.