I’m delighted to introduce you to our newest team members and Alabama natives, Rodney and Debbie Mitchell.

Perhaps you’ve seen Rodney’s name on the RHM 2014 ministry schedule or met him at a PBR event. Either way, it is high time for a formal introduction!
Background – Rodney came to me a couple years ago and shared with me how the Lord had gotten Debbie and him involved in the bucking bull business. As a result, it stirred his personal passion which he had carried for many years to minister to cowboys.
In the most humble and sincere way, he asked if there was anything he could do to help support Riding High Ministries and our work through the PBR…Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
I have witnessed firsthand that Rodney and Debbie are the real deal. As for their willingness to serve alongside Riding High Ministries…I have come to see the generosity of their time as an extravagant gift from our Father.
About Rodney – Rodney has served as the associate pastor at the same, Auburn Heights Baptist Church, for 25 years. Not only is his church allowing him to keep his position on staff but is also allowing him to split his time as support RHM as missions.

Once you meet Rodney and Debbie in person, you will notice that, as a couple, they overflow with love and compassion for the young couples we minister to on the road. During this past year, they have become an integral part of the PBR and cowboy community.
How to support Rodney – I ask you all to pray for Rodney and his family. You can send them notes of encouragement through Riding High or consider giving financially to help support their travel on behalf of RHM. If you want to support them as a couple on a regular basis, let us know via email to and we can set it up for you.

Welcome, Rodney and Debbie! We feel honored to have you as part of our team.