Riding High Ministries, Todd Pierce, Brooks Brewer, Cody Custer, and others, helped me rekindle my relationship with my Savior. I was on top of the world; making lots of money, receiving attention on TV and publications, with people asking for my autograph. Tempted by alcohol and women, my marriage to my teenage love, my soul mate, was falling apart. I began touring with the PBR and one morning, in Billings, Montana, I went to Cowboy church. I got this little brown Bible in Billings, Montana. It has been with me ever since. In every plane, hotel, and state in this country – always there comforting me. It has taken years, but I am forever grateful to Riding High Ministries. My testimony would be too long for this post, but I just wanted it to know what you do is so important. I have a God in the Outdoors, Archery Ministry at my church. My life is on the right track. I want to thank all of you.

God Bless, Hans

It was my privilege to attend the Thursday evening service that Riding High put on in Vegas as well as the Sunday morning service. These are the highlight of our trips to the PBR. I tell so many people about it at home. This year was the 7th year we have been to the PBR. Please thank Todd, Leslie and the rest of the team for all they do to bring people to Christ. (I actually got goose bumps when so many stood up on Thursday night. Keep up the good work!

In Christ, Sandy

The Las Vegas PBR Finals Faith Night was one of the most beautiful Gospel presentations I’ve ever witnessed! The cowboy with me gave his life to Jesus. Thanks again & please encourage Todd & all of you.


I am a loyal follower of Riding High Ministries and the service it brings to the riders of PBR and others. This message is for Todd. He asked me to stay in touch after we spoke on Sunday morn at the Honda center. He had prayed over me after a short talk concerning some fears I had about an upcoming surgery. In the middle of the prayer, he stopped and asked God… ”I ask that you clear Michael’s biopsy and keep him from any more trouble.” When the doctor took the biopsy, he was amazed that the damage to my kidneys had practically healed itself and he had no answer as to why! I said to him, “Sir, if you don’t believe in the Lord, you might want to now, because, from the time you last saw me, all I have done is eat bad stadium food, watch a sport I’m in love with and spend some time with the Lord asking for health. I was prayed over by one man, one time and He asked that God lay his hand on me and heal me! I’m writing you today with the same kidneys that were prayed over by Todd and the same heart that accepted God’s love and grace. Thank you for the gift you gave me that Saturday. I know cowboys aren’t supposed to cry, but Todd saw real tears that day just as there are right now as I write to thank this ministry for what it has done for this cowboy!


In 1978, I had a dream that scared me so the next day I ask Jesus into my life. I began going to churches and all I ever found was religion and rules that seemed impossible for me to follow. All this did nothing for me except make me feel unsaved so I would turn away. I had come to the cross but would not continue on. I was like a horse that got into the trailer but refused to get out. Some time ago, I went to the PBR church at the finals in Vegas only because my nephew was speaking. That was the day I met Jesus. I had never been around anyone or been anywhere where I felt the love of Jesus than the way I did that day. I went to Vegas with a beer in my hand, returned with a Bible, and my life changed almost immediately. I am now a Pastor, have started two cowboy churches and helped start a rodeo Bible camp. I now travel around the northwest speaking on God’s behalf, hoping others can feel God’s love like I did in Las Vegas. I am forever grateful to all those cowboys in Vegas that God used to show me his love and grace.