God has established the bull-riding world in such a way that men can use the sport they love to inspire other men to become more like Jesus. Our culture has done everything they can to suppress masculinity; but it is very much alive in these men. They are aggressive, reckless, vicious competitors, yet they are humble, compassionate and sincere. They believe manliness is the same as being Christ-like.

The world needs to see men who are fully alive – men who are more afraid of not living life than they are of death itself. These Christian bull riders exemplify – meekness, not weakness.

Professional bull riders face many difficult challenges such as physical danger, injuries, emotional stress, temptations, and marital struggles. Therefore, it is very important that we are available to serve these men. Your financial support of Riding High Ministries helps us to continue bringing spiritual services to bull riders and the millions of people they influence.

Bull Rider Discipleship

Riding High Ministries is a team of Christians blessed with the privilege of working through the PBR to provide ministry to the riders, families and fans throughout the U.S.A. The team travels throughout America with the riders each week providing Church services, Christian counseling and encouragement at the Ford Built Tough events.

PBR Church Services

With the PBR’s cooperation, we have done services at nearly all of the Built Ford Tough Series events. We have had many opportunities to pray with people and seen many pray for salvation and to renew their commitment to the Lord. We have about two-thousand people in attendance every year and believe that there are opportunities to reach many more.

We plan to continue to hold services at every arena that holds a Built Ford Tough Series Event. Everyone is invited to join us on the last day of each event, which is either Saturday at 11 am or Sunday at 10 am. If you would like to help with our PBR church services, please contact us.

Faith Nights at PBR Events

Faith Nights include a musician or musical group along with the “Born Wild, Created to be Free” presentation. We partner with local churches and ministries to promote Faith Night and sell tickets to attend the PBR that same evening. Our partnering ministries also help provide volunteers and counselors for the event.