Riding High Ministries is on the National Prison Fellowship Speaker & Performance Artist list that is an exceptional accreditation. We have been to several prisons to present the “Born Wild, Created to be Free”. Two of the prisons we have visited include Angola State Penitentiary in Angola, Louisiana and Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario, Oregon.  We typically see over 80% of the prison population attend these events.

Prison ministries typically don’t have the funds to pay our expenses; therefore, we have to raise our own support for such opportunities. If you would like to help fund a prison outreach, we would welcome your partnership.


Saturday morning, Todd went into the Powder River Correctional Facility to do a horse-breaking illustration for the inmates. There were roughly 75 inmates that attended the event. We had to overcome many obstacles due to a lack of preparation on the part of the prison. The owner of the horse had not received security clearance and the prison staff had not prepared the necessary sound equipment. These setbacks resulted in a loss of 15-20 valuable minutes, but God did not allow His desire for these men to hear the Gospel to be opposed. With the help of some of the prisoners, we were able to set up the sound equipment and Todd was able to work the horse, a beautiful filly with a nervous disposition. The demonstration went very well, although Todd was bucked off several times and almost kicked in the head once! Unfortunately, we were unable to directly ascertain the response of the inmates because of the loss of time, but we were informed that many inmates that were not believers prayed to trust Christ. Tyrone, Blue Mountain Baptist Church

I want to thank everyone involved in bringing and helping Riding High Ministries to us. It was a life changing experience for many of us prisoners. What a great example Pastor Todd gave as he saddle-broke that beautiful but frightened and reluctant horse, running in circles like we do sometimes. By submitting to the Lord, we find love and direction for our lives. You all made this possible for us prisoners, considered by most as the scum of the earth. Thank you for seeing us in a different light, and taking the time, effort and money to bring the light into a dark place. May our Lord Jesus richly reward you for your labor of love. Jeffery