Upcoming Events

  • May 17: Lexington, KY
  • May 18/19: Auburn Heights, AL

Discover True Freedom

Born Wild… Created To Be Free is a horse breaking demonstration given by a champion bareback rider, horse trainer and pastor, Todd Pierce. However, it is not a training seminar. It is a message proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. Todd works in a round-pen, with a young horse that has not yet been ridden. With a gentle hand and a calm manner, he guides the horse around the pen, building a relationship of trust, until the horse submits to bridle, bit and saddle, and ultimately allows Todd to ride. All the while, Todd shares with the audience how Christ wants a relationship with us; He wants us to yield to His gentle hand, just as the horse yields to Todd.

Occasionally, Todd gets launched through the air and hits the ground, often more than once. When that happens Todd picks himself up, dusts off his pants, and tries again. He explains that even though the horse threw him, his desire to form a relationship has not changed.  In the same way, even though many of us have bucked God off our backs, so to speak, His love for us has not changed.

Born Wild event video from FCA Camp, Idaho

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