I’ve seen a lot of Gospel presentations over the course of my life. I believe that Todd’s is one of the most unique and creative and powerful ways of presenting that message…what a powerful opportunity for the body of Christ to rally around this outreach, sponsor it through prayer, support and any means they have at their disposal.


Friday, September 7th, Baker City, OR., saw the largest, most successful evangelistic event in its long history. The event sponsor was Blue Mountain Baptist Church of Baker. There were close to 900 adults in attendance (lots of children, too) for an area that only has a population of roughly 10,000 people. Todd shared his horse-breaking illustration while Scott Brown accompanied him with music. The horse responded very well to Todd and was an exemplary illustration of the human predicament. After Todd Pierce asked the people to consider giving themselves to Christ, at least fifty people responded. The majority rededicated themselves to Christ.

Saturday evening, the arena hosted around seven-hundred and fifty people. The mare provided for the event submitted to Todd without much of a fight. Yet when Todd gave the call to accept Christ, at least fifteen people responded and have been plugged into Blue Mountain Baptist Church, as well as other churches in the area. God has worked a great miracle in Baker City!

Soli Deo Gloria, Tyrone, Blue Mountain Baptist Church

I was one of the privileged to be in the audience on Saturday afternoon to watch Todd Pierce work with that horse. I have had a tiny bit of experience with young horses, so I was familiar with what he was trying to accomplish with that filly. However, I was deeply touched by his message, and it made more sense to me than before. I could see my own life in that scared horse as she resisted the very one that could rescue her from her fears! I am so grateful to Todd for his demonstration and his generosity in sharing that message in such a special way!
Many thanks to Riding High Ministries for this special, life-changing event!

Mary Ann

My husband and I were able to watch Todd’s presentation and hear him preach the next day at Calvary Chapel in Cottage Grove, OR. I am married to a former cowboy with a similar life story as Todd’s who is now finding his way back to God in faith. I consider what I received that weekend to be the most powerful message from the heart of God I have ever heard – that He aches to reach people with His invincible love. It was written all over Todd’s face as he followed God’s lead in working to get the horse to trust him and submit to a new way of life. I join with Paul in 2 Corinthians 9:15 saying Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! I wait and thank God as He continues His work in me & my husband.