I was talking with a friend the other day, having one of those conversations that typically challenge relationships.  In other words, I risked upsetting my friend because I was going to challenge them on a decision they made.  Although I prefer to talk about all the things we agree about and all that we love about each other, there is something super special about relationships that have enough depth that you can acknowledge your differences or even confront each other without getting offended. 

Sometimes through confrontation we land in a place of total agreement. Other times, I have conversations with friends where, although we take the time to listen to each other, we do not totally agree.  Here would be an example of that dialogue;

“Hey brother, I don’t agree with what you did or how you did it.  However, there’s no way for me to understand all the dynamics of what you faced or what the Holy Spirit was actually saying to you, so I don’t have to agree. I know that I love you, and I believe that you are making decisions that you believe will best serve your family and further the kingdom of Jesus.”  

In my words, Proverbs 27:6 says that it’s better to have a friend say something that’s hard to hear than it is to get flattery from an enemy. When you truly love someone, it will require us at times to express our differences, but at the same time prioritize our connection above compliance.   In a world that continues to be bent toward division, it is critical that we humble ourselves to those we desire to unite with and have conversations that lead to deeper connection – even if we don’t land on the exact same beliefs system.  

I’m not talking about agreeing to unite with people that are perpetuating evil.  I am talking about denying our tendency to surround ourselves with only those people we totally agree with, which robs ourselves and others of all that we have to glean from each other. We already have unity in Christ and it’s not something we need to strive for.  Unity in Christ is sacred and should be protected.

Know that we are continuing to pray for your family and the unity in your relationships, as we continue to walk through this time of fear and uncertainty!