How is it possible for men – who love their families, have devoted their lives to Jesus, and are filled with His Spirit – to still be getting their butts kicked in life? 

The last verse of the last book of the Old Testament gives us a promise that there will be a day when the hearts of fathers will be turned toward their children, and children to their fathers.  Never before have we had so many fathers, but their hearts are elsewhere.  Yes, there have been times when children were without their fathers due to war or other duties that called them out of the home.  But, when a father chooses to leave or is physically present and yet not healthy enough to engage at a heart level with his kids – the wounds go deep. 

We don’t have all the answers, but we are committed to sharing the resources and relationships Our Father has provided to gather, build community and equip men to lead their families well.  Our first Born Wild Weekend was just a couple months ago, and what took place in those few days exceeded anything we could have imagined. Nearly 80 men came hungry and open for revival in their own hearts. They gathered from all over the country to encounter The Father, build relationships and returned home transformed. 

The stage is set, and we feel commissioned by Jesus to go after the hearts of men.  Enjoy this video recap of our weekend at The Wildcatter and begin to pray as to how you are being led to get more involved.

Born Wild Weekend

We would love to hear what Holy Spirit is sharing with you in this movement…