She makes me so mad!

Really? Who’s in controls of how you feel? Until we realize that nothing outside of us has ultimate control over our happiness, we are destined to live as a victim.

Remember the illustration I shared last week of me pole vaulting? We must master what we have been given control over or we are left to being mastered by everything else. Once we realize that we have been given the power to decide what we focus on or think about, we immediately get empowered to control our emotions.

I have seen this play out in thousands of ways throughout my life. I know…

  • People in poverty who are happy, and rich people who are miserable.
  • People in prison who are filled with hope, and young people with their whole lives in front of them who are in despair.
  • Highly educated people who are confused and without purpose, and simple people who live with peace and wholeness.
  • Powerful people who are humble and kind, and lower class people who are arrogant and greedy.

So what makes you happy? Money? Power? Relationships? Popularity? Although having abundance in these areas can really help, nothing will make you happy if you insist on focusing on the problems. Emotions are a result of what we think about. So, today let us think on The Father’s words found in Ephesians 1:15-23 and Romans 12.

If you agree with me – you’re right! If you don’t agree with me – you’re still right.