When we consider all that Jesus is and all that He has done for us – and then start each thought process with His Goodness…it’s a Game changer.

As I was opening the service in Idaho Falls last weekend, a recent moment in our kitchen with Colton came to mind:

Two weeks ago, I was standing in our kitchen with my family and several of Colton’s close friends.  We were just talking about random things, laughing and eating when out of the blue, Colton said, “My ear feels plugged.” I thought, “That is random.  Why doesn’t he just plug his nose and blow and pop his ear?”

Well, his friends were reasoning another way.  They spoke up and said, “It’s not your ear that is the problem, it is someone else’s ear here that God wants to heal.”  I’m thinking these kids are crazy.

How did we go from fighting over what chip dip tasted better, throwing things at each other, Holden dancing and singing Elvis, “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog!” to God plugging Colton’s ear to let him know to pray for someone else’s ear?  Talk about random!

Anyway, Colton simply asked the question as to who has hearing loss in one of their ears.  I told him, “I did.”  Apparently he didn’t know that I have been partially deaf in my left ear since I was a boy.  In fact, when I was 12, my mom took me to the doctor for it and before he did the hearing test he simply rubbed his fingers together near my ear and asked if I could hear it.  I couldn’t. But the same test on the other ear I could hear perfectly.  Back to the kitchen – so, Colton asked if he could test it, so he rubbed his fingers together and I couldn’t hear it.  Then he snapped his finger near my ear and asked that it be open.  Instantly, for the first time in over 30 years, I could hear perfectly…

Although we love the way Jesus heals our physical bodies and does visible works to reveal His invisible attributes, the greatest miracles are those who go from being dead in a life of sin to immediately being transformed into a child of God.  In Mark 9:13, Jesus had just done a miracle and found that His disciples still reasoned in ways contrary to His nature. When we consider all that Jesus is and all that He has done for us – and then start each thought process with His Goodness…it’s a Game changer.

I believe – miracles are signs that point us in a direction.  They are the works of Jesus that were done to reveal the heart of the Father.  God’s goodness is the greatest truth we must acknowledge in our lives.  The bible tells us that the goodness of God leads us to repentance – changing the way we perceive.

We see miracles each day as people respond to the love of God in ways to take them from death to life or to become more fully aligned in their lives to the Truth of the Kingdom of God.

Just last week, I received a phone call from a church leader who informed me that a young man they had been praying for relentlessly over a long period of time made the decision last Sunday morning to open His heart to the Love of God and expressed his need for Him.

I love the signs, but Jesus didn’t just come for miracles.  He came to reveal to us the Heart of the Father and seek and save what was lost.  PERFECT UNION BETWEEN GOD AND MAN. 

Let’s keep going family…