I know that Jesus can do more through us in one moment of full surrender to Him than in a lifetime of striving in our own efforts. The Kingdom of God is full of mystery, and it is part of His design for us to be at peace without answers. I believe this is the essence of faith.  For if we had answers we wouldn’t need faith. The one thing that we can never waiver in as believers is the knowledge of God’s Goodness and Love.

Following our Church service at the PBR Finals in Vegas, a woman came to me crying. When I asked her what was going on, she simply said, “I’m just overwhelmed with how much God loves me.” She went on to explain that she had known the concept of God’s love, but His presence in the room that morning was a game changer.  It was an encounter that convinced her of God’s love and drew her to a deeper place of connection and intimacy with our Father.

After the competition on Sunday at the Final’s, I spoke at a Calvary Chapel in Vegas. Although most of the public settings I speak in fall under the category of an outreach, I love to share in local churches where people are hungry for The Word.  Extra special things happen in those settings, and at this particular church – which was scheduled to last an hour and a half – the people were so hungry they feasted on the spoken Word of God for three hours!  They simply couldn’t get enough, and The Spirit transformed lives and families!

Although I report this to encourage you in how your prayers and gifts have been effectively reaching people and expanding the Kingdom, I want to make a point.  For seventeen years we have been entrusted to represent Jesus to the PBR and the world it influences. It has been an extraordinary privilege, and at times an overwhelming burden.  The times when I see it as a privilege, I speak hope and joy out of the overflow of God’s Love in my life. But there have also been moments when I was the
one who was striving out of my own human effort.

Jesus modeled a lifestyle that made time alone with the Father a mandate, and we are to follow His example. I admit that I am better at the doing ministry than I am at the taking time to rest and be alone with the Father.  Family – that is about to change.

As we bring the Riding High travel schedule to a close in 2017, Leslie and I will be taking the rest of this year to fast, pray, study and simply be children of God who are being loved on by our Father.  I believe this is an imperative time for me, my family and the ministry as we prepare for 2018.  I ask each of you to continue to pray and support us through this time of renewal.

Everywhere we have gone this year, our Father has truly done more than we could have ever hoped.  I know He is preparing more than we could ever dream, ask or imagine for in 2018 – and thank you for continuing to send us and bring the Hope of Jesus and the Good News of His Kingdom to the world.

We love you… Todd