One of my favorite things to do is read stories in the Bible and see how Faith changes lives.  Even more, how faith being demonstrated through love changes everything!  The only thing that can top reading true stories is watching real people living it out.

Last weekend in Tulsa, I got to spend time with retired bull rider Jody Newberry and his family.  It was such a gift for me to sit in their truck and remember all the years of struggle that we have walked through with them and how they just continue to run the race of uncompromising faith.  One memory, in particular, was at the World Finals where they were going through some devastating circumstances.  I remember vividly how Jody, Amanda and I all sat in their truck in a Las Vegas parking lot and cried, prayed, played worship music and declared the goodness of God until we got to the place of a breakthrough. It all came back to me as I sat in another parking lot with the same two people, only this time I had their two sons sitting on either side of me – and we did the same thing.  And this time, their son Cooper pulled up a song on his phone and played it, knowing it would minister to us.

Faith being demonstrated through love is generational and its why I love partnering with you and all of heaven to see such beautiful fruit come out of others lives.  Love is best demonstrated by taking the position of bringing out the best in the people around us.

We are in Nashville this weekend for another PBR stop, and Church will be at the host hotel Saturday morning a 10:00 AM.

Thank-You for praying and continuing to send me…Todd