The other day my Father told me he was proud of me.  Even as an adult, I still love to hear those words.   I asked him what he enjoyed the most about being a dad and his reply was simple,  “I love seeing my kids use their gifts to show love to others.” What he may not realize is that I learned that from him.

He was a welder by trade and there was never a shortage of people who needed something fixed.  One night I remember sleeping in a friend’s barn as my dad worked through the night to help his friend, Larry Davis.  Early the next morning he just kept going and headed to work.  I don’t remember anything he said that night but love was demonstrated.

Popular media has done a lot to discredit the role of Fathers, but it is impossible to ever diminish it.  God designed it for our greatest impact to come from our parents.  As we all know, this impact can be both good and bad.  A great man once said that as a Father we can teach what we know, but we impart who we are.

Its the phenomenon that most of us experience when we see ourselves doing things like our parents, even though we vowed to never to be like them.  Thats the power of impartation.  This Fathers day weekend I want to remind you Fathers of the power you hold in influence.

To all you sons and daughters – take a few moments and let Dad know a few things you love that you got from him!