You have been given all things and All power to live a godly life!
Sometimes it can seem difficult to get your mind wrapped around spiritual truths such as these. I ask questions like, If we have all power to live a life of godliness then why is there still the struggle? Although I could do it no justice to answering that question in a paragraph, I can say this. Before I surrendered my life to Jesus, I had no power, only natural desires. Now that I have God spirit within me I have an overwhelming desire to live a life that exemplifies who He is and to be filled with Faith, hope, and love. Because I can see this power working in me it gives me the faith to believe. Believe that the deepest part of who I am does possess this power. As we walk out this life in relationship with others, we get to practice love and become in action what we already are in position. This is the hope that all who believe in the name of Jesus have and it is a message worth living, celebrating and sharing. II Peter 1:3. Thank you for continuing to support our efforts.