It was a beautiful weekend in Tucson. We had two Believe In Tomorrow families as our special guests and as always they were loved on by the entire PBR staff and athletes. When we do our tours, everyone is running around doing final preparations and athletes are trying to focus on their task at hand. But without exception everyone I introduce to the families gives them full attention, respect, and love.
A couple of highlights from the weekend were watching one of our athletes deal from a distance with a family tragedy that happened on Saturday.  He poured his heart into his loved ones, rallied prayer and literally received a family member back from the dead. He went on that night and rode like a warrior.
Another athlete has been closely involved with some family struggles that had huge potential to cause division among our PBR community and literally tear down the best part of what we have. Because of the humility of this man and his willingness to forgive and pray for the offender, hope stays intact. This is a culture of honor. Please remember, we get to have a say in how we choose to let love cover sin. It takes more than an effort to pull that off. It takes a lot of time walking with Jesus and keeping His perspective to prepare you for days like that. With all my heart,  thanks for helping send me.