Matthew 5:40 “Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.”
In a world that is seeing small churches die and mega churches arise, it is so encouraging to see a large church that remains in a place of humility and compassion towards the “least of these.”  This past weekend I was given the privilege of staying with the Blackabee family on their ranch just outside of Atlanta, GA.  When I arrived on Thursday, I found Mel on the lawn mower, Gina running the weed blower and Mumsy (grandma) cleaning the pool area.  This family, that leads one of the most influential ministries I’ve ever seen,  was preparing their home to host an event that intentionally was designed to reach a small group of people. They could have had thousands and put on a huge show, instead, they labored and protected a time and space for a couple hundred people they loved and wanted to encourage.

Thursday night I spoke to the college group, Friday and Saturday I did the “Born Wild”  horse training event and Sunday spoke to the high school students.  Each of these public ministry opportunities had a unique feel but all had the same heart.  This church family seems to have refused to change the subject.  It’s talking about, singing about and walking out the Love of an eternal Father who just so happens to be the creator of heaven and earth.  Many people get stalled out because they are focussed on Jesus and don’t take time to look at what he is looking at. Many struggling Christians live lives of frustration because they can’t see what Jesus sees. His sacrifice was made and now the invitation is ours to see ourselves and others the way He does. The Bible is full of examples of the reality that a life of following Jesus can’t fail and a life apart from him cannot succeed. We are now surrounded by people that demonstrate the same profound evidence. Real love, peace, and joy are only realized by sons and daughters of God.

Sunday morning At First Baptist Church of Jonesboro, I saw the rich and the poor, Black and white, male and female, educated and uneducated, newcomers and long-term members, young and old alike all in one place, pouring their hearts out to the Lord in worship and a pastors family there with Him. I love mass gatherings that equip and inspire the individuals to find a way to live the message and bring it to maturity by taking it to others. I encourage you to consider if you have seen yourself accurately or have you been deceived. If you see yourself without sin, you are deceived. If you see yourself as a sinner and you feel shame, you are deceived. If you can see yourself as the beloved child of God who has been adopted into an eternal family because your sin has been forgiven, I believe your walking in truth. I love you with the Love I have freely been given. Thanks for doing your part in sending us.